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TrainSharp | Jon Sharples

Jon Sharples

Head of Performance

Jon Sharples was born on 22nd September 1973 in Burnley Lancashire.

Jon is the Director and founder of TrainSharp ltd and Trainsharp Cycle Coaching and began cycling at the age of 16. By his own admission, Jon was not the most gifted cyclist but his big strength was that he really embraced the new training methods which came about in the late 1990’s (such as training with power).

Rather than just go out for a ride (like all his team mates were doing), Jon started to think about what worked and what didn’t work for him and how he could turn his weaknesses into strengths.

Jon was naturally a very good sprinter but his Functional Threshold Power was by nature very low and was a big weakness. The ultimate goal for Jon was to see what results he could achieve whilst he juggled a busy work life balance.

In the year 2000 Jon won the Sussex Divisional Road Race Title, after which Jon became increasingly short on available time to train so turned his main focus to time-trials.

After a short period, Jon was winning open events, breaking course and club records as well as achieving a big goal of completing two 19 minute 10 mile time-trials on the same day (this was at a time when 19 minute time trials were still rare).

Local riders were quick to notice Jon’s new results and started to ask what his secret was and so over a period of time Jon started to coach a few riders whilst concentrating on his main career of a College Lecturer.

During this period of his life Jon acquired his teaching qualifications PTTLS, DTLLS, Cert Ed and more importantly Jon really found he had an enormous passion for passing on his knowledge to others.

Jon always knew coaching would be a dream job for him but the security of a regular teaching income took priority as Jon is married with four children so had all the usual financial commitments and worries.

However, over time, word of mouth spread about Jon’s innate skills as a coach and Jon realised that his passion, drive and knowledge would enable him to create a  ‘coaching company’ and be involved in the sport he loved the most.

From one man working from an office at home Trainsharp has grown to be one of the biggest and most successful coaching companies in the UK. Jon really believes this is because Trainsharp has grown organically and Jon ensured Trainsharp has the best members of staff to suit the business, a perfect blend of sports science, with a bank of professional knowledge.

Jon takes pride in motivating and getting to know his clients, and has passed on this ethos to the trainsharp team. A close rider coach approach is preferred, which is without a doubt ‘the key’ to enhancing a training program to suit you where training time might be limited.

For over 20 years Jon has built up an extensive bank of cutting edge knowledge, experience and interpersonal skills which allows his coaching methods to be so effective. As a professional coach, Jon has successfully worked with local club teams, continental teams, novices and world champions.

Jon’s core believe is that a trusting relationship is as important to coaching as any of the above. A rider needs to trust the workouts and sessions prescribed are for their genuine benefit (no matter how hard or easy they are) and not due to the latest scientific fad. Equally a coach needs to trust a rider’s feedback.

Jon writes a monthly coaching article for Pro-Cycling and has written columns for many other big cycling publications such as Cycling Weekly.

Having numerous delighted clients who have achieved their goals and more has been the icing on the cake for Jon and his Trainsharp business.

Below are a couple of endorsements for Jon from Sean Yates and Dr Gary Brickley (Gary was the exercise physiologist for the Great Britain Cycling Team and is currently a Senior Lecturer within the University of Brighton’s popular and successful Sports and Exercise Department).

“I have known Jon a while now. And I know that he is passionate about this sport, in particular the training aspect, getting the best out of somebody is a job that is right up his street.


I am sure that if you try his methods you will not be disappointed. Being a coach is not only about watts per kg, there is also the motivating, the follow up, the problem solving, the list goes on, And its in these areas that Jon will come into his own.”


“I have known Jon Sharples for around 10 years now. As a sport scientist working with elite cyclists, it was pleasure to be introduced to Jon. The ‘pocket rocket’ regularly came to the labs at the University of Brighton for testing and to help out on research projects that were running.


Jon was always a great rider who could rise to the occasion. Never afraid to try new ideas, seek feedback and always determined to give his best, Jon has always been a pleasure to work with. Over the years Jon has had a thirst for extra knowledge about how to improve his and others performances. With his drive and determination I expect Jon to be an excellent coach. Jon is very approachable, easy to get on with and has a very likeable manner. I wish him every success in his quest for success.”

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