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TrainSharp | Inspire Youth

What is the trainSharp Inspire Youth Programme?

The trainSharp Inspire Youth Programme is a bespoke coaching experience with the sole aim of helping youth riders (from the age of 12 to 15 years old) gain valuable knowledge about racing, training and bike skills.

What is the aim of the Inspire Youth Programme?

The immediate aim of this programme is to equip youth riders with the skills, knowledge and fitness to help them progress to a high National Youth level and then help with the search to place them on a dedicated junior team such as the very successful HMT Academy.

The long term goal of this programme is to guide the rider through the youth, junior and under 23 categories with the main aim of gaining a professional contract in the UK, Europe or America.

How can the Inspire Youth Programme help me?

trainSharp are in a very privileged position. We work with and have close associations with some of the biggest junior, elite and pro teams in the UK and on the continent. We have coached riders from novice juvenile to GHS championships and helped youth riders gain selection for the biggest junior teams in the UK.

We understand that youth riders will all develop at different rates and that the training needs to be bespoke based on the riders goals. However, a very important aspect that is often overlooked is the type of training different youth riders are able to carry out and adapt positively to base on their physical maturity.

What do I need to do?

Enjoyment and patience is one of the key skills we instil with our riders. All we ask for is an honest feedback to ensure we can tailor your training to suit your goals and aspirations.

Is there an entry criteria to the trainSharp Inspire Youth Programme?

This programme is not open to every rider (firstly you should be 12 years old or above) therefore we have added entry criteria to the sign up.

There will be an interview and there will be some testing which we will carry out at our HQ. Of course at such a young age, no test can predict how well you will perform as a senior rider so passion to ride your bike and enthusiasm to learn are some of the key pointers we look out for.

What else does the Inspire Youth Programme involve?

The trainSharp IYP includes our higher tier coaching plan where the athlete will receive a weekly training schedule with each training session tailored towards the riders’ short and longer term goals.

The training will come with regular analysis of training and racing data. More importantly, the programme will involve regular feedback including nutrition advice, strength training guidance, and everything else we have identified as being key to success in cycling.

How much will it cost?

The trainSharp IYP holds a minimum term of 12 months. The programme can be paid for by standing order on the first of each month, or in one payment upon set-up. The monthly cost of the plan is £250.00.

An initial consultation, interview, fitness assessment and some guidance session are required for all athletes wishing to be accept for the IYP. Cost of the initial set up and test is £495.00 and can be paid for in advance.

What do I get for the Set-Up?

The initial consultation price will include a full day at the trainSharp HQ in Tunbridge Wells.

The athlete will undergo a series of youth related fitness tests and one-to-one informal interview with trainSharp Founder and Head Coach Jon Sharples, to gauge enthusiasm and drive to progress as a cyclist. Parent(s)/guardian(s) will be required to attend the initial consultation

The day will also include a bike fit including pedalling technique analysis and crank length advice, gear selection skills, stretching techniques, basic weight lifting guidance, road safety awareness, tips on bike maintenance, personal food and bottle hygiene, advice on clothing selection for weather conditions and the dangers of drugs in sport.

What do I do next?

Please send an email to to state your interest in the programme.

Once we receive your email, we will reply to you and arrange for some initial forms to be completed. After this point we will provide you with a telephone consultation to answer any initial questions and then arrange to book you in for your consultation.