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TrainSharp | Inspire Talent

What is the trainSharp Inspire Talent Programme?

The trainSharp Inspire Talent Programme is a bespoke coaching experience with the sole aim of helping young riders (from the age of 15 years upwards) achieve their dream of being in a position to gain a Professional (pro) contract.

Please note:  trainSharp also off an Inspire Youth Programme which is available for riders aged between 11 and 15 years of age.


So how good do I need to be to become a Professional Cyclist?

To turn pro, you will almost certainly need to be able to average 5.5 watts per kilo for an hour. Therefore, if you weigh 70 kilos you should be able to average 385 watts for one hour (it is important to say that no rider is able to do this without some very serious long term dedicated training).

To win the Tour de France, you need to be able to produce about 6.4 watts per kilo for an hour (therefore using our 70 kilo rider as an example a tour winner could average 448 watts for one hour).

A good club rider could average 4.5 watts per kilo for an hour. Therefore you can see that the difference in w/kg between a good club rider and the numbers you would need to achieve to become a pro are about the same as between an average pro and a Tour Winner.

Of course, there is a lot more to becoming a pro then just being able to produce the numbers but w/kg are a very tangible way of measuring progress on your path to stardom.


How can the Inspire Talent Programme help me?

trainSharp are in a very privileged position. We work with and have close associations with some of the biggest elite and pro teams in the UK and on the continent. We have coached riders on a journey from novice, to elite, to pro.

Using our world class training sessions we will specifically train you so that you reach that magic 5.5 w/kg number. For novices with the correct training, it is possible to go from novice to an Elite within 4 years.

Turning pro is not just about numbers, it is also about results, networking, being in the right place at the right time, ensuring you make yourself marketable through your social media and being ready for that “job interview”.

trainSharp Inspire Talent riders are given help and guidance on all of the above and more.


Can you help me join a top UK amateur team?

Yes, once you start showing promise through testing /racing or a combination of both we will help you with a cycling CV, contact teams on your behalf and if both parties are interested, we will arrange a meeting with the team for you.


Can you help me join a team outside of the UK?

Yes, as well as UK teams, foreign teams routinely contact us to ask if we have any new talent on our books.

We have placed riders in teams in France and Belgium and currently have riders racing for World Tour teams as far afield as Australia.


Can you help me become a Professional Cyclist?

We have some tried and tested pathways to becoming a pro and also have some very exciting projects on the horizon which are all based around helping U23 riders reach their potential.


What do I need to do?

Success does not happen overnight so the Inspire Talent Programme has a minimum sign up of one year.

Within this period, we will be able to see how your body reacts to training and whether you have the constitution and mind-set to go all the way!


Is there an entry criteria to the trainSharp Inspire Talent Programme?

This programme is not open to every rider (firstly you should be 15 years old or above) therefore we have added entry criteria to the sign up. There will be an interview and there will be some testing which we will carry out.

Please note:  trainSharp also off an Inspire Youth Programme which is available for riders aged between 11 and 15 years of age.


What else does the Inspire Talent Programme involve?

The trainSharp ITP includes our higher tier coaching plan where the athlete will receive a weekly training schedule with each training session tailored towards the riders’ short and longer term goals.

The training will come with regular analysis of training and racing data. More importantly, the programme will involve regular feedback including nutrition advice, strength training guidance, and everything else we have identified as being key to success in cycling.


How much will it cost?

The trainSharp ITP holds a minimum term of 12 months. The programme can be paid for by direct debit on the first of each month, or in one payment upon set-up. The monthly cost of the plan is £290.00.

An initial consultation, interview and fitness assessment is required for all athletes wishing to be accept for the ITP. Cost of the initial set up and test is £495.00 and can be paid for in advance.


What do I get for the Set-Up?

The initial consultation price will include a full day at trainSharp HQ in Tunbridge Wells.

The athlete will undergo a series of fitness tests. These will be carried on our indoor SRM Ergometer and out on the open road using the athlete’s own bike.

A one-to-one interview will take place with trainSharp Founder and Head Coach Jon Sharples, to gauge enthusiasm and drive to progress as a cyclist. We advise parent(s)/guardian(s) to attend the initial consultation if the rider is under 18.

All of the above will be used to ascertain whether the athlete has the physical and mental attributes which are needed at the top level of this demanding sport.


What do I do next?

Please send an email to to state your interest in the programme.

Once we receive your email, we will reply to you and arrange for some initial forms to be completed. After this point we will provide you with a telephone consultation to answer any initial questions and then arrange to book you in for your consultation.


Get that winning feeling!

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