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TrainSharp | Rider Evaluation

Rider Evaluation

Trainsharp offer a variety of Evaluations and Fitness Testing (all of which are available from Novices to Professionals).

Evaluations and Testing can be carried out at our Centre of Excellence on the roads around the Ashdown Forest or we can can come to you.

Testing is available for individuals all the way up to Professional Teams

Ride with a Cycle Coach

TrainSharp can offer one to one coaching whilst out riding your bike.


What could be a better way to learn about how to improve your training and riding….Receive encouragement, enjoy being motivated and have your position and riding style assessed all in your training time.


Discuss the way forward, talk about racing, tactics or perhaps strategies to help deal with juggling your training around a busy lifestyle. A ride with a Trainsharp coach will be an invaluable experience.


Buy 3 hours with Jon Sharples for £150.


Buy 3 hours and lunch with James McCallum  for £250.


Buy 3 hours and lunch with Dean Downing for £250.


Buy 3 hours and lunch with Sean Yates for £250.


You can pay now for this service using the button below

Fitness Testing

‘Are you self coached?… allow us to guide you on your quest for success…


We are open weekday evenings and Saturdays for Fitness Testing.


Trainsharp fitness testing will enable you to ensure your own training methods are working effectively, whilst here you can seek advice from our professional coaches  should you need a helping hand along the way.


Knowing where and how your physiology reacts as you ride will enable you and your coach to help you train efficiently and ride or race optimally. The single best predictor of performance for today’s cyclists is the power you can produce at threshold, also known as critical power. Training exactly at your threshold power is great, but slightly below or above threshold power is just as important.


Cyclist’s wanting to ride as fast as the PRO’s need to incorporate training sessions that allows them to work close to their VO2 max, which in turn helps them to further the progress of both VO2 max and their threshold power. TrainSharp knows the importance and has the experience in effectively being able to improve performance in endurance disciplines. A Fitness test will allow each individual rider to know where strengths and weaknesses are at maximal and sub-maximal powers. Plus, from this you will know at what power to set your intervals and in which areas you will be best spending time to develop. All this information can be a strong tool for evaluating and monitoring training progress.


We provide the following testing to individuals and clubs:


Ramp Test

The best place to start is by undertaking a Maximal Aerobic Power (MAP) test, which follows a strict protocol as used by British Cycling and the English Institute of Sport and is known to be the Gold standard in physiological profiling of athletes. The test follows an incremental ramp protocol whereby the resistance increases at the end of every minute. This test is designed to push you to exhaustion and athletes are strongly encouraged to give every last ounce of effort to the test!


The MAP test allows us to accurately predict (along with other performance predictors) the maximum amount of oxygen that the muscles can use. This figure is most commonly shown in relation to your body weight (watts per kilo). Whilst your MAP is largely genetically predetermined, a significant amount of training is required to improve this, it is the ability to exercise at a high percentage of your ‘max’ that makes or breaks a rider; and is also a parameter that can be improved with training.


At trainSharp you will be provided with the following after completing the ramp test –


A one-to-one appointment with a trainSharp coach
Assessment of your training history
Full consideration of your specific goals
A full profile showing your Maximal Minute power, Peak Power Output, Threshold Powers and a comprehensive display of training zones
Power to weight ratios
Calculation of Your specific strengths and weaknesses at a submaximal level


Cost £180 or discounted when signing up to coaching.


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12 minute Step test


The trainsharp 12 minute power test comprises of two 12-minute time trials on a state of the art static SRM ergometer. The test is an effective method of predicting your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) – another common piece or terminology within the cycling world! Your FTP is defined as the wattage you can sustain over a one hour effort. Another key variable we can attain from the 12 minute power test is an athlete’s 10 mile time trial power. This is the average power you can sustain over the course of a time trial, perfect for you if your pacing strategies need work.


At TrainSharp you will be provided with the following when completing the 12 minute step test with us-


A one-to-one appointment with a TrainSharp coach
Assessment of your training history
Full consideration of your specific goals
Comprehensive profile showing your functional threshold power (FTP), predicted 10 mile TT power and there relation to Heart Rate, Exertion levels and predicted times for specific distances.
Discussion with the best coaches in the field regarding pacing strategies and power management during races.


Cost £180 and discounted to Trainsharp coached athletes


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Lactate Step Test (Long Grade Exercise Test)


Cycling success not only depends on a high VO2max but the percentage of VO2max that the cyclist can sustain for extended time periods [during a TT or climbing a hill]. There [generally] exists a specific exercise intensity below which exercise is a function of fuel supply, body temperature or both, time spent above this ‘threshold’ will see a reduction in endurance time. There exists significant correlation between individual time trial performance and thresholds as well as the lactate threshold being a good predictor of 4,000m individual pursuit time on the track.


At TrainSharp we offer a comprehensive assessment of thresholds using our ‘Long Grade Exercise Test’ at which blood lactate transition thresholds are measured in order to accurately prescribe and monitor training programs as well as monitor your competition program strategies.


You will be provided the following when completing the Long Graded Exercise Test –


A one-to-one appointment with a TrainSharp coach
Assessment of your training history
Full consideration of your specific goals
A complete profile showing your specific thresholds and relationship to power, heart rate and exertion levels
Your specific strengths and weaknesses at multiple levels
Comprehensive race strategy planning from the best possible coaches in the area


Cost £200 and discounted to Trainsharp coached athletes


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Critical Power Test


Ideal for the road, criterium or track rider alike. The critical power is perhaps the holy grail of road riding and is a relatively untapped area. It exists as the ‘highest exercise intensity which can be maintained for a significant period of time without fatigue’. Whereby work done above the critical power coincides with the depletion in work capacity of the cyclist. In a sense, if your critical power is known, you can predict for how long and how hard you can exercise above your critical power without significantly affecting your pacing strategy (anaerobic work capacity). Here at TrainSharp we have devised a comprehensive set of tests that enables us to predict your critical power and your ‘anaerobic work capacity’ all within one session at TrainSharp’s Centre of Excellence.


When completing the Critical Power Test you will be provided with –


A one-to-one appointment with a TrainSharp coach
Assessment of your training history
Full consideration of your specific goals
Full breakdown of your Critical Power, Anaerobic Work Capacity and how these affect your training and racing strategies
Full consultation on how to best maximise your performance based on your tests here at the Centre of Excellence.


Cost £POA

Physiological Testing

The body’s metabolic responses to work or exercise VO2 Max, lactate threshold , and your blood profile will be accurately measured in the laboratory.


Physio Evaluation is £350.

Strength Training

Strength Training for Cyclists Strength Training without ever setting foot in the gym!

Kettlebell training offers a whole host of benefits to cyclists that can not only improve performance but also address common complaints such as back pain.

Cyclists are notorious for having over tight hamstrings and demonstrating poor posture with rounded shoulders and weak upper back and core musculature. Kettlebell Training is rapidly becoming recognised by sports men and women alike as one of the best ways to improve sports specific strength and conditioning using cutting edge techniques.

If the gluteal muscles are inhibited the strength and power of the posterior chain is therefore negatively affected making incidents of back pain and injury more likely while reducing over all performance and power output.


How Kettlebell Training Can Help Cyclists

I highly recommend Kettlebell training for cycling specific strength and conditioning for several reasons.

  • Kettlebell training can be used to develop total body muscular strength, endurance and power without adding un-necessary muscle bulk.
  • The core can be strengthened and conditioned using exercises that relate closely to cycling thus making it extremely sports specific.
  • Gluteal inhibition can be addressed resulting in improved hip function, injury reduction, increased contraction strength and increased power on the bike.
  • Exercises can be selected that allow the legs to be trained in movements which closely mimic cycling.
  • Cycling specific kettlebell training sessions can be completed in as little as 30 minutes which means more time can be spent out on the bike!
  • Kettlebells are relatively inexpensive and allow you to train at home without the need to pay expensive gym fees.


Matt ShoreMatt Shore(B. Sc Hons)

TrainSharp are pleased to welcome on board their very own personal Kettlebell training provider Matt Shore.

Matt shore holds a B.Sc. in Sports Studies with Exercise Science awarded through Chichester University in 1996; A qualified Personal Trainer, he is registered and insured with the Register of Exercise Professionals. Matt is also a fully qualified and insured Advanced Kettlebell and Performance Boxing Instructor, having trained with Optimal Life Fitness Group, the UK’s leading Kettlebell, Performance Boxing and Olympic Weightlifting training provider. One of Matt’s most recent and exciting projects is the launch of Eastbourne Boot Camp – The Ultimate Outdoor Fitness Class!

Matt uses kettlebells extensively for his own strength and conditioning training and with clients looking to transform their bodies, increase fitness and boost confidence. Notably, kettlebell training played a crucial role in assisting Matt to qualify and compete in the BDPFA British Powerlifting Championships in 2009.

For more information or to book a consultation please contact:
Matt Shore
Mind, Body and Goal Personal Training
Tel: 07764477531
E Mail:-


Top Kettlebell Exercises for Cyclists

Kettlebell training is a highly specialised and technical training system. It is essential that movements are performed correctly to avoid increased risk of injury and to maximise training effect. I HIGHLY recommend booking an appointment with a fully qualified and experienced Kettlebell Instructor such as myself to ensure that the techniques and principles are learnt correctly from the outset.

There are literally hundreds of kettlebell exercises that can be performed using a combination of one or two kettlebells.

Prior to engaging in any workout, ensure that a thorough warm up is completed using a variety of mobility drills and dynamic stretches to prime the muscles and get the blood flowing.


The 2 Handed Kettlebell Swing

This exercise is the King of kettlebell exercises and is unique in that it can help to alleviate posture related back pain while increasing power output through the hips.
The kettlebell swing is outstanding for increasing the strength, endurance and power of the posterior chain while increasing core strength relative to the cycling position. As a consequence of increased core strength and improved hip function, riders can expect to develop increased power output and muscular endurance.

The Turkish Get Up

The Turkish Get Up is a truly unique exercise that involves starting in a prone, face up position with a kettlebell pressed at arms length. The object of the exercise is to stand up while keeping the kettlebell at arms length before returning back to the starting position. This exercise forces the body to move through all planes of motion while under tension and is superb for increasing the strength and stability of the shoulders, back, legs, arms and core.

The Single Arm Kettlebell Lunge

This exercise uses a single kettlebell to create an off center load which forces the core muscles to work strongly to maintain balance while executing the lunge. The lunge itself targets the musculature of the leg and the unilateral nature of the exercise relates specifically to the cycling movement. Single Arm Kettlebell Lunges can be performed in various ways to achieve different results. For example performing reverse lunges to target the quadriceps to a greater degree. This exercise can be used to develop strength and muscular endurance alike depending on work to rest ratios and weight used.