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TrainSharp | Fitting

Trainsharp Optimal Bike Position Fits

We believe a Bike Fit is only as good as the Technician doing it !

Your position on the bike is worth more than any piece of equipment yet this is the area most riders neglect.

A Trainsharp bike fit will ensure you get the most out of yourself in terms of power whilst ensuring your position remains comfortable and you remain injury free.

90% of our bike fits have come from happy customer recommendations. At TrainSharp we devote a minimum of 3 hours to your fitting as we feel it is important to get to hear about your cycling desires –  We very much believe that optimal bike fitting is a two way communication process between the bike fitter and the bike rider. Correct fit is crucial to performance, comfort and power.

Not everyone can afford to have a bike custom built, but there are probably more ways than you realise to modify the bike you already have.
With a few minor adjustments, and perhaps a new part or two, your ride could be transformed.

If the bike fits properly you may expect to complete long rides without your usual joint pain, foot numbness, back or neck soreness.
Optimise your set up and deliver more power through a more aerodynamic and comfortable position.

TrainSharp can advise on bike fit and can help you identify your best possible position, adjusted to allow optimal use of cardiovascular and muscular fitness.

Our bike fits combine our bike fitting knowledge, the technical aspects of Dartfish and Computrainer software  and the marginal gains that Sean Yates ‘s vast knowledge and experience brings to Trainsharp.

Dartfish motion capture software:

The Dartfish Video Motion Analysis software encapsulates accurate measurements which are unattainable when you are in a still position.
The degree of accuracy proves to be crucial in setting the athlete up in the perfect position to work within their body’s limits.

In addition, the Motion Analysis is used as a tool to let the athlete visualize their pedaling technique in slow motion and understand the proper techniques necessary to produce power, be bio-mechanically efficient and avoid injury.

Computrainer SpinScanTM Pedal Stroke Analyzer

The CompuTrainer pedal stroke analyzer helps us to increase your power and efficiency. The multicolour torque graph represents one full 360° revolution divided into 15° segments. The left/right leg percentage power splits give you the feedback needed to pedal in “circles”.

It will identify “flat” or “dead” spots in the pedal stroke where optimal power is not transferred to the drive train.

A dynamic bike fit utilizing SpinScan is an excellent way to take the subjectivity and guesswork out of the bike fit process. And the ATA (Average Torque Angle) displayed on the Polar Graph helps us adjust your position for optimum power.

Time-Trial Optimisation Fit

We have known for a long time that “being as low as possible” which most riders and bike fitters like to adopt is not conducive to the fastest of times and is often not even the most aerodynamic position.


Our bike fitting is aimed at getting you to produce the most power for the least energy output.


Previous riders who have undertaken the Trainsharp  Optimal Position Fit have found something we like to call “free speed” i.e. riders are able to generate more power over longer distances for the same energy output, whilst being in a more comfortable and saferposition.


This “free speed” has enabled riders to literally smash their personal best time-trial times – our riders greatest gains to date after a Trainsharp Optimal Position Fit are: a 2 minute improvement in a 10, a 3 minute improvement in a 25, an 8 minute improvement in a 50 and an 11 minute improvement for a 100 mile Time-Trial!


TrainSharp has optimised time-trial positions for everybody from the evening 10 club rider to National time-trial Champions.


As with every bike fit, it is very important to remember that there will be a short period of time where your body adapts to the changes that we will make today. We do recommend 2/3 easy rides to let your body become accustomed to your new position. It is normal to experience some initial soreness within this time period.


Above all we want you to be happy and confident  with your bike fitting. We very much believe that optimal bike fitting is a two way communication process between the bike fitter and the bike rider.


We want you to understand why we have put you in “x” position on your bike and how and why it will benefit your overall performance.


We welcome any question as we recognise that knowledge is a great performance enhancing tool.


Road Bike Position Fit

The TrainSharp road bike fitting process begins with a discussion to find out what you require from your bike fit and an off and on bike assessment to assess your physiology and determine how you are best suited to a particular road bike fit (i.e. whether you want and your body can support a position mainly focus on performance power, aerodynamics, injury prevention and support, comfort and/or a combination of different fits).


We will take full before and after bike measurements and include these in a post test report which you will receive after the fit. This will enable you to put your bike or future bikes in the optimal setup.


Arrange a Bike Fitting

Please fill out the general enquiries form with approximate date(s) and time(s) that you would like you fitting to take place.