Our Charitable Objectives

HMT pursues its charitable objectives in two ways, firstly through health promotion and secondly through funding research that could prolong people’s ability to live a fulfilling and dignified life. Dementia is currently the biggest public health challenge facing our society and it is for that reason that the focus of our investment in research and health promotion is on the prevention of dementia and improving all aspects of life for those with the condition. HMT seeks to achieve its charitable objectives by partnering with organisations and academic institutions already working in this field to help fund their work.

Health Promotion

An active and healthy lifestyle is one of the best measures an individual can take to decrease the likelihood of developing dementia. HMT recognises this and is working with the communities around its hospitals and care homes to raise awareness and provide support in making positive change. HMT is also funding important work in educating local communities about...

In an ageing population, an increase in the number of people suffering from dementia is inevitable, but for the individual sufferer, we believe there’s a great deal to be done to improve their quality of life. From early identification of symptoms, to prevention of falls and strategies for designing the care setting, we’re supporting academic research that is designed to make the lived experience of dementia better for the sufferer and those who contribute to their care.

Dementia has the potential to impact on all of us and at the same time, we all have an opportunity to improve the life of someone who is developing or who has the condition. As well as reducing and delaying the onset of dementia through health promotion, the community projects HMT supports aim to enable people in the communities around our hospitals and care homes to be better equipped to spot and support those with dementia.