Philosophy & Ethos

Charitable Organisation

The primary purpose of HMT as a charity is to do good in the world, this means that our values permeate every level of the organisation both in the raising of money and its investment in research and health promotion.

Not for Profit

Profit generation is not the aim of HMT; however, our charges must be justifiable, sufficient to deliver high quality care and remain financially viable whilst generating a sufficient charitable surplus to pursue our wider charitable objectives. To do this, spending on our staff, buildings, equipment and organisation are an ongoing feature of the organisation.

Focused on Community

The charitable objectives of HMT centre on the funding of research and health promotion and in the latter, our focus is on the communities around the places where our hospitals and care home are located. We believe that by investing in the health of those who live and work with us and around us, we can learn more quickly how to make the greatest impact.