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Manufacturer of Synthetic Bone (Hydroxylapatite) Powders and Specialist Coatings for Orthopaedic Prostheses.

Plasma Biotal Ltd. is the UK’s premier independent provider of hydroxylapatite coatings to the medical device sector. We have been producing our BIOTAL® coatings for over 25 years.

We use the highest quality synthetic CAPTAL® calcium hydroxylapatite as the raw material for the coatings, which is manufactured to international standards giving a coating composition similar to natural bone.

BIOTAL® coatings retain a highly crystalline structure due to their proprietary production method, which  minimises dehydration of the HA lattice. This means that BIOTAL® coatings last longer invivo for maximum efficacy.

Our Products

Plasma Biotal Limited manufacture medical grade hydroxylapatite, Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2, and beta-tricalciumphosphate, Ca3(PO4)2. Their materials are manufactured to international standards with a chemical composition that closely resembles natural bone. Particle sizes can be customised to your needs.

Products include:

Capital R

CAPTAL®‘R’ unsintered HA

Captal S

CAPTAL® ‘S’ sintered HA

Captal HT

CAPTAL® ‘HT’ Fully dense HA microspheres

Recent News

We will keep you up to date with our latest developments and news from events the Plasma Biotal team

Plasma Biotal Recertifies to ISO 13485:2016

In April 2015, Plasma Biotal Limited was audited against the requirements of the updated ISO...
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Plasma Biotal are Recruiting for a Quality and Regulatory Affairs Manager.

A vacancy has arisen within Plasma Biotal UK for a Quality and Regulatory Affairs Manager....
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Plasma Biotal India Facility Opening September 2017

Plasma Biotal are pleased to announce that their new facility in Pune will be opening...
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