The story of our hospital

HMT St Hugh's History

  • 1888

    Sisters Order was founded

    Our hospital was founded by a religious order, The Sisters of the Order of St Joseph of Peace, in Nottingham.

  • 1938

    The original site opens in Cleethorpes

    The sisters provided an early healthcare provision to the people of Grimsby and Cleethorpes and opened St Hugh’s Hospital on Princes Road, Cleethorpes.

  • 1948

    NHS Founded

    The National Health Service was founded in post war Britain to provide a revolutionary national healthcare system.

  • 1961

    17 Beds added to St Hugh’s

    17 beds were added to the 30 existing beds within St Hugh’s as it expanded to cater for growing demand.

  • 1976

    NHS Hospital opens in Grimsby

    The NHS opened Scartho Road Hospital (now called Diana Princess of Wales Hospital). It would later expand further in 1983 before merging with Scunthorpe and Goole Hospitals in 2001.

  • 1985

    HMT was founded

    The Healthcare Management Trust was Registered with The Charity Commission and transferred ownership of St Hugh’s to ensure it progressed with modern medicine and a changing healthcare environment.

  • 1994

    St Hugh’s current site opens

    St Hugh’s opened its current site on Peaks Lane, Grimsby, a modern 32 bed hospital with easy access and luxurious facilities.

  • 2015

    Upgrade to State of the Art Theatres

    Two state of the art Lamina Flow theatres were installed to ensure patients have access to the latest technology

  • 2016

    Further modernisation

    The hospital began a full refurbishment including patient rooms and waiting areas. HMT are committed to continuous improvement to ensure patient comfort and safety.

There were 30 beds including three children’s cots. It had been founded by the nuns who were Sisters of the Order of St Joseph of Peace which was itself founded in Nottingham in 1888. A small house adjacent to the Hospital served as a temporary residence for the Sisters until a larger building was purchased and converted into a spacious convent.

In July 1961 a 17 bed maternity wing was added to the existing hospital and was opened by the Roman Catholic Bishop of Nottingham, the Rt. Rev. Edward Ellis.

After many years of tending patients at St Hugh’s the Sisters of St Joseph of Peace had to withdraw gradually from the running of the Hospital because of the declining number of Sisters, and by 1985 had virtually ceased to take part in the day to day running of the Hospital. That year they transferred ownership to The Healthcare Management Trust who undertook to maintain the founding ethos.

A decision was taken to replace the ageing hospital, following a period of steady growth. A site in Peaks Lane was secured and building commenced in March 1993. Twelve months later the current St Hugh's Hospital site was opened to the public.