Slide background Slider Image Slider Image Connect Ed comes with a 1 month free trial so you can fully evaluate the benefits of the system. Your free trial has completely no obligation All set up and training is free Your 1 Month free trial starts the day your initial user training is completed
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  • A FREE trial allows you to involve your colleagues in the decision process
  • A FREE TRIAL is a zero risk option
  • It’s a perfect opportunity to experience all the benefits the system can bring you

  • There is no licence fee cost or set up cost during the free trial
  • You are under no obligation during the free trial
  • Your free trial does not start until your free onsite training session
  • 1 month free unlimited access to Connect Ed

  • Everything you need to set-up and operate the system
  • Free initial on-site training
  • Best practice consultation, tailored to meet the needs of your school
  • Multi-user licence upgrade
  • Continued training and technical support
  • Access to the the next generation solution for school communication, engagement & collaboration

  • We are trusted by Academy Federations, Independent Groups and Managed Service Providers to save time, save money and improve results in their schools