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Why Brighter Connections?

The value proposition is simple: to help customers to Profit from I.T.

Reducing Costs

A critical part of the process of making I.T. profitable is cost reduction. With procurement experience gained from a FTSE 100 organisation, and excellent vendor relationships, Brighter Connections can save money where capital expenditure is required.

Increasing Productivity

Increasing productivity is vital to generating Profit from I.T. To get more results for the same amount of work requires innovation, doing things in a more efficient way, or with more appropriate, better-designed tools or systems.

Innovative Thinking

Brighter Connections generates Profit from I.T. by transforming I.T. from a cost centre to a profit centre, a process that requires change and innovation. Sometimes things need to be done in a different way or with technology that produces better results.

Brighter Connections’ goal is to help customers transform I.T. from a cost centre into a profit engine. This is achieved by looking at client’s investment in technology and helping to maximise profit potential.

In public sector organisiations, this also means helping them to achieve their targets, improve access to resources and, for schools, academies and colleges, to help deliver an inspiring teaching and learning experience.

“Since our initial engagement with Brighter Connections, we have gone on to do many more projects with them as we know we can trust them 100%, not only for price but for the service they offer....”

Martyn Hepple,
Group IT Manager, S Jennings Ltd

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A Structured Client Engagement Process

For each client engagement, all relevant knowledge, skills and experience are worked into a clearly defined, thorough and professional methodology which is both agile and quick to implement.

The Brighter Connections client engagement process closely follows the Design Council’s “Double Diamond” methodology which comprises four distinct phases

The process identifies a client’s specific needs, presents appropriate solutions and delivers tangible outcomes within an agreed timescale.

Extensive Training & Accreditations

What have we achieved?

Training is a critical aspect of Brighter Connections’ success. Its team are continuously discovering and learning about the latest technologies and innovations. Every year, each team member will typically undertake 8-12 days of external specialist and vocational training; this is approximately 3 times the industry average and helps differentiate the company from its peers.

Brighter Connections also holds industry accreditations with global vendors and new market entrants.

Industry Leading Partners


Brighter Connections has developed long-term, productive relationships with the above vendors that provide world-leading hardware and software solutions.

These relationships provide access to extra support, resources, training, preferential pricing and also help Brighter Connections keep up-to-date with the latest products and innovations within the I.T. marketplace.

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Since it was established in 2003, Brighter Connections has had an ethical and objective approach and has been committed to listening to and understanding its customers. This has been the driving force behind the continued growth of the business.

Darren Stringer, Managing Director,